Protect yourself at all times

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Chevy Lowndes


Personal Trainer

Cert III & IV fitness

Boxing Trainer

 Kickboxing trainer

Breaking the silence

   My passion is boxing health fitness and training women to be strong confident courageous determined fearless fierce motivated unstoppable and this workshop will give you real situations to deal with, it is now more than even women should take there life serious enough that this workshop will give them street smart skills to get out of a situation should it arise.

 We as a society need to be at clear that violence in any way shape or form in not tolerated. This workshop is for every female of all ages. from 8 -88 and we encourage womens groups sporting groups, mum and daughters, friends, everyone woman should be prepared.

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This is much needed within the community given the unfortunate statistics of women being physically assaulted and even murdered, it is now more than ever we need to take our safety meaures seriously.

Anthony has 37yrs experience behind him, a 6 dan black belt ex police, tactical defence, conflict management trainer with a wealth of knowledge behind the core of his martial arts, i am extremely honoured to have him run this workshop.


If you want to book a workshop for your company or co workers, maybe a group of friends, mums groups, support groups, or would love to join our next workshop held in melbournes west please contact me direct for details.

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Anthony Angus

6 dan black belt

tactical defence trainer

conflict management trainer

Owner of Kenpo 5.0 Melbourne

Tony a master in his martial arts  & at the highest degree in the southern hemisphere.

With the importance of womens safety Anthony has a strong stance on no to domestic violence and teaching women how to defend themselves should a situation arise on the street.

With 37yrs of training both USA and Australia, running his own school, being an outstanding professional leader in his martial arts is well known for training women & is  exactly why anthony is part of this exclusive workshop.

You will take away great street smart skills and  knowledge to learn to protect yourself at all times .