What is sneaker rescue

dO YOU have good quality washed sneakers you want to upcycle & give back to give forward for those less fortunate

The sneaker rescue is here to give back to give forward, I need your gym trainers/ runners that have been put into retirement in the wardrobe tucked away under the bed or simply just put to rest after purchasing new ones, these will go to not for profit organisations and handed out to those less fortunate, they must be in good solid conditon and washed before being dropped off. These go direct to new feet and new homes.

To donate means you are not only giving back but you are putting a smile on the face of

someone who appreciate your kindness, it will give safety warmth support to feet and encourage activities to those who otherwise would not due to runners they cannot afford and

you will be part of the movement to upcycle and do your part to give forward and give your trainers a new home.


book a fitness/boxing workshop

online with your friends

work collegues or corporate sessions.

ifyou have a spare pair of sneakers they would be greatly appreciated

Chevy Lowndes

supporting women and pets

sneaker rescue.

Melbourne Australia