Coffee   & Connect womens   circle

Join us for coffee and a chat each week in the west of melbourne

There is no cost other than coffee and you get to sit and chillax, meet new friends and enjoy some down time, this is called mindfulness, giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle, no need to stand up and introduce yourself, turn up and say gday, when the sun is shining we will be outdoors. We all need time out and a good hearty coffee is a great way to connect with people. bring your business cards or bring yourself it really is that easy, an hour out of your day might be just what you need.

Strong Empowered Women is pet friendly so our coffee and connects will encourage outdoor walks and pet friendly coffee shops, the beach, this is all about connecting so long as we understand not everyone loves dogs that is ok too, be mindful of picking up after your furbaby. :) and all dogs stay on a leash at coffee dates.

Boxing health and fitness is a big part of what i do so please ask away if you are keen to join my womens warrior workshops starting mid jan.

Nothing better than hitting the bag to destress, have some down time to train for getting in shape, but more importantly do something for you :) and the kids are welcome if you dont have a babysitter or dont want to spend extra money finding one. 

hope to meet you all over a coffee.


Chevy Lowndes