I am originally from the country and moved to the big smoke

Melbourne in 2009 for an opportunity to spread my wings and

invest in myself with new pathways new opportunities and work

out for myself what i really wanted to do and see what options were

out there for me.

I have always been into sport and played basketball softball netball for most of my childhood and into my teens, then took to indoor cricket where i played for the Vic state side on both womens and mixed teams, and my decision to take up kickboxing meant giving my all to train and became an amatuer kickboxer where i was fortunate enough to make a fly on the wall doco about women in a male dominated sport, I went onto compete and it was then i decided to become a personal trainer so i could help others use exercise and fitness as a way to be confident strong be in control of there health and fitness.

* I wear many different hats as an enterpreneur with my sneaker rescue coming to fruition means i can supply not for profit and charities with retired sneakers from people in the community who are willing to help and support those less fortunate.

* I am an NDIS fitness provider working with both adults and children who are either in the mental health system or need help with exercises that will improve there quality of life and support worker.

* I am a personal trainer/ group trainer and work along side womens groups i run boxing for womens wellness workshops, train corporates and work with people  who are ready to make changes.

* My Nutrition health and wellness business was something i fell into and with so many people looking for a lifestyle of good health just knew the products and opportunity were to good to pass up and now help others