Never underestimate who you are

and who you can be.

The only person who can make you stronger is you and the only way to make changes is to do 

the work.

Be Unstoppable in your health & fitness be Unbreakable in your goals and inspirations, be so Unshakable that

nothing will break you.



Hoppers Crossing     Point cook  

Altona Williamstown   Newport 

 Melb cbd Melton   Macedon ranges

Strong empowered women is all about creating confidence strength courage determination through boxing fitness exercise and giving the body the optimum health , you are in charge of your destination and how you get there is determined by how hard you work, your commitment attitude your belief and dedication. 

 If you want to recharge reshape reignite the way you live your life using fitness as a way to invest in your personal health and conditioning then please lets chat.

The benefits of a committed trainer means you will be accountable for your goals, we will have zoom calls food diary, check ins follow ups and getting down to work on what you desire to feel and look like.

Use fitness as a way to imprMINDSET







Unstoppable Unbreakable Unbeatable
Unshakable Unapologetic 
We are women who straighten the crown of queens when no one is watching, we are strong independant creative courageous driven compassionate unbreakable unapologetically fierce women who strive to do our best, we are resilient strong and know what it takes to get up and keep going
Strong Empowered Women stand up for those who do not have a voice including women & pets of domestic violence, we support those who are less fortunate and give back to give forward
 We support women who are doing life tough behind closed doors, we are behind you and your courage to stay strong Xo
You are Incredible & never forget it
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Sleepbus is NOT FOR PROFIT bus that parks up in Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas offering 22 sleep pods for people and 20 pod for pets who are either homeless or fleeing domestic violence and strong empowered women support and help with a percentage of training and fitness workshops being donated into this much needed cause.
On so many levels this bus is incredible, it offers a clean safe place with heating and cooling, washing machines, security both in and out the bus, there is a tv in each pod, power points for mobile phones or accesories to be charged, blankets,  pull down lock door for privacy.
Should you need somewhere to go please contact