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Sleepbus is NOT FOR PROFIT bus that parks up in Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas offering 22 sleep pods for people and 20 pod for pets who are either homeless or fleeing domestic violence and strong empowered women support and help with a percentage of training and fitness workshops being donated into this much needed cause.
On so many levels this bus is incredible, it offers a clean safe place with heating and cooling, washing machines, security both in and out the bus, there is a tv in each pod, power points for mobile phones or accesories to be charged, blankets,  pull down lock door for privacy.
Should women be fleeing Dviolence and have pets, those pets have a safe pod to sleep underneath the bus in crates and pending weather is heated or cooled to suit conditions so they will be safe and out of any harms way until temporary accomodation can be found the petpod also has a video cam for the owner to see the pet and talk to through intercom.
This bus is not for profit and ran by volunteers who do an incredible job along with other resources and not for profit helping those in need.
POTH { pets of the homeless} pet food blankets vetcare
Smith family food emotional support
Food banks
I am so thankful to simon @ sleepbus for helping women and pets flee at a time of being vulnerable confused, scared, who have left usually with nothing other than the clothes on there back, we hear about DV yet behind closed doors is a very real raw and dangerous situation which causes severe anxiety, depression, stress and undue emotional worries not to mention women often having to leave there valuables including money and personal belongings behind, the pets get to stay with owner which is just as important for the pets to get to safety,
This bus parks up at areas within melb cbd and should you need to take shelter contact